In addition to my work as a composer, I also venture into the visual realm occasionally. I started experimenting with algorithmic and procedural drawing when I was composing Fractal Genesis  as a way to conceptualize of musical events and rests. Using Apophysis, I worked on creating mutations of generated images as a compositional sketch, before exploring these ideas musically. I’ve since been experimenting with Processing and the GIMP.

Apophysis Works

Processing Works

The Billboard

In 2014, I was the recipient of one of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing’s Art in the Sky billboards. As I’m not particularly skilled in Photoshop, I was very surprised (and elated) to win one of the coveted spots. The design is a combination of a fractal-based treble clef I created in Apophysis, and the first bars of my piece Sirens. From the research that I’ve done, it may be the very first billboard dedicated to a composer in the US.