Based on a forum post, I created a quick and dirty (and very inelegantly coded) Max patch to allow control of the individual LED cells on a Linnstrument – both versions should work on either the Linnstrument 128 or 200. Both standalone versions will work with other DAWS and softsynths running (tested with Reaper running UVI’s Falcon, and Ableton Suite running a bunch of Max4Live devices).



Linnstrument Lights – MaxMSP version of the two below

  • Linnstrument Light Controller – Let’s you set the LED color for any individual cell in a Linnstrument and save/recall presets. Comes in MAC or PC application versions
  • Linnstrument Light Matrix – A slightly less CPU intensive version, but limited to only one color of LED. Also MAC or PC

2 comments on “Linnstrument LED Controls

  • Ben, please forgive my ignorance! I have downloaded and installed the LED Maxpatch for PC. It seems to have installed ok and I can open it up. Set midi device as the LinnStrument, both input and output. Set me keypad lights and believe I have written a preset file to a folder in my pc. However I can’t seem to get the Linnstrument to “play” in Bitwig. I believe the device settings in Bitwig are correct. What per-split, preset and global settings do I need to have on the Linnstrument? Also not sure if the maxpresets file needs to be in a particular folder to function correctly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bruce

    • Hi Bruce-
      I’m not personally a Bitwig user, but I’m pretty sure that you’re running into an issue with two different programs fighting for control of the Linnstrument. I’ve replicated the same behavior in Ableton Live and Reaper. Unfortunately, it looks like you can’t use both at the same time.

      As for per-split and global settings on the Linnstrument, they don’t really have any effect on changing the LED color. The maxpresets file can be anywhere on your computer as long as you know where it is. I usually leave it in the directory with the Max patch itself.

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