My complete list of works, in order of composition. If you’re interested in one, send me a message through the Commissions and Contact page.

1) Suite ‘Konzert:’ for Piano. December 1999

2) Sonata: for Violin and Piano. April 2000

3) Arrangement of the aria ‘Costa Diva’ from Norma by Bellini: for Violin, Marimba, and Bass. October 2000

4) Passacaglia for Piano. December 2000

5) Two Suites for Violin Solo. March 2001

6) Chanson d’une Amante Morte: for Piano. April 2001

7) Danse des Esprits Invisibles: for Solo Marimba. October 2001

8) Four Inventions for Piano. November 2001

9) Rise of the Elder Gods: for Mixed Electronic Media and Samples. December 2001

10) Night in the Temple of Dionysus: for String Quartet, Violin I/II, Viola, Cello, and Bass. January 2002

11) Concerto for Saxophones: for Saxophone Soloist alternating between Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones, Flute, Vibraphone, Marimba, Timpani, Violin, Viola, and Bass. March 2002

12) Lament for Kadath: for Solo Violin. September 2002

13) Variations on a Jewish Folk Song: for Solo Violin. October 2002

14) Chanson de la Mort: for Solo Cello. October 2002

15) Variations on a Jewish Folk Song for Orchestra: Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, B-flat Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, B-flat Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Violin I/II, Viola, Cello, and Bass. November 2002

16) Nocturne: for Piano. January 2003

17) Prayer: for Soprano, Piano, and Violin. March 2003

18) Rhapsodie Electronique: for Pitch Generators. April 2003

19) Delphic Processional: for Guitar, Piano, and Violin. July 2003

20) Silence: for Soprano, Piano, and Violin. August 2003

21) At the Mountains of Madness – Symphonic Poem for Orchestra: Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in A, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Tenor Saxophone, Horn, B-flat Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Timpani, Triangle, Gong, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Snare Drum, Tenor Solo, Bass Solo, Violin I/II, Viola, Cello, and Bass. October 31, 2003

22) Seven Keyboard Études: for non-specific keyboard instrument. December 2003-January 2004

23) Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra: for Solo Violin, Flute, Oboe, B-flat Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, B-flat Trumpet, Trombone, Timpani, Snare Drum, Violin I/II, Viola, Cello, and Bass. March 2004

24) C for Orchestra: for Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in A, Bassoon, Horn, B-flat Trumpet, Trombone, Timpani, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Marimba, Piano, Violin I/II, Viola, Cello, and Bass. March 2004

25) Introduction and Rondo: for Violin and Marimba. April 2004

26) Entre les Vagues des Ombres: for Clarinet, Piano, Violin, and Cello. November 2004

27) Rhapsody on the Death of Dr. Gonzo: for Violin and Piano. February 21, 2005

28) Pêcher pour des péchés: Quatre chansons de cabaret: for Baritone, Mandolin, Euphonium, and ad lib Narration. April 2005

29) Invention: for Piano. April 2005

30) Fugue: for Piano. April 2005

31) Requiem (part 1 of Triptych): for Vocal Octet, Piano, Rainstick, Narrator, Guitar, Crystal Glasses, Temple Blocks, Breaking Glass, Paper, Violin, Water Gong, Wind Chimes, Cello, Gong, and Triangle. April 2004 – May 2005

32) Psaume 58 (part 2 of Triptych): for Bass Voice, Oboe, Viola, Cello, Vibraphone, and Timpani. August 2005

33) Fugue for Metal: Electro-Acoustic. November 2005

34) Dead by the Road: Electro-Acoustic. November 2005

35) Eggs Over Boiling: Electro-Acoustic. November 2005

36) Variations on the Star-Spangled Banner – Five Lamentations on the Death of the American Dream (part 3 of Triptych): for Narrator, B-flat Trumpet Obligato, Mandolin, and Guitar. December 2005

37) Minimal Gnosis: for Solo Tenor Saxophone and pre-recorded Saxophone Quartet. February 2006

38) Prelude: for un-specified instrument. February 2006

39) Valse Klavier: Electro-Acoustic. March 2006

40) Concerto for Mandolin and Strings: for Solo Mandolin, Violin I/II, Viola, Cello, and Bass. April 2006

41) Romance for Mandolin and Piano. August 2006

42) Cinq Pieces pour les Vents: for Solo Winds. September 2006

43) Study on Morning Religion: Electro-Acoustic. October 2006 – Selected as a secondary performance option at ICMC 2007

44) Eris – An Étude in Disintegration: for Laptop Quartet. November 2006

45) Quintet pour les Vents. December 2006

46) Meditations of a Diseased Mind: for Cello Solo. December 24, 2006

47) Étude for C Trumpet. Written with Mark Flegg. January 2007

48) Construct No. 1 – La Mer de la Verre: Electro-Acoustic. January 2007

49) Nyx: Electro-Acoustic. February – March 2007 – Exhibited at TechArts Festival 2007

50) Side Effects May Include…: Electro-Acousitc. February – March 2007

51) Arrangement of House of the Rising Sun: for Trumpet in C, Mandolin, and Piano Obligato. March 2007

52) Hypnos: for B-flat Trumpet and Computer. March 2007

53) Thanatos: for Harmonica and Computer. March 2007

54) Asterion II: Electro-Acoustic. July 2007

55) Sexy Coffee Thing: for Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Piano, and Violin. September 2007

56) Construct No. 2 – La Foret du Son: for Voice, Guitar and Computer. October 2007

57) Songs of the Accused: for Soprano or Boy Soprano and Mandolin. January 2008

58) Zen Haiku: for Guitar. January 2008

59) Piracy is the Future: Electo-Acoustic. March 2008

60) Fractal Genesis: for Solo Alto Saxophone. March 2008

61) Improvisational Forms: for Guitar. June 2008

62) Meditations – An Abstract Pseudo-Liturgy: Electro-Acoustic. June 2008

63) Sirens: for Violin and Reverb Pedal. June 2008

64) Three English Songs: for Counter-Tenor and Guitar. July 2008

65) Cellular Hallucinations: for Solo Percussionist. August 2008

66) A Discordian Commentary on the Gateless Gate: Electro-Acoustic. August 2008

67) Erebus: for Saxophone Quartet and Computer. April 2009

68) Public Domain Synesthesia: Audio-Visual Installation. June 2009

69) Etudes for Ukulele. July 2009

70) Zais: Electro-Acoustic. August 2009

71) Gestalt Variations: Electro-Acoustic. August 2009

72) Chthonic Fragments for Symphonic Band. January 2010

73) Cumulus Refractions: Electro-Acoustic. April 2010

74) Pastorale Americanus: Electro-Acoustic. May 2010

75) Fusion Dance: Jazz Chart. June 2010

76) Summer Breezes: Jazz Chart. June 2010

77) Songs of a Mute Voice: for Baritone Saxophone and Computer. August 2010

78) Through a Glass, Darkly: for Saxophone Quartet and Computer. December 2010

79) Aspen Grove: Jazz Chart. December 2010

80) Lyric Variations: for Solo Violin. January 2011

81) Spare Change Suite: for Toy Piano and Computer. March 2011

81a) Spare Change Suite: for Piano and Computer. March 2011

82) Prism Chain: for Flute, Tenor Sax, and Marimba. May 2011

83) Swarm: for Mandolin and Computer. June 2011

84) Suffocation: Electro-Acoustic. July 2011

85) Tinder-Dry: Jazz Chart. July 2011

86) Dreams and Regrets: Jazz Chart. July 2011

87) Fuga-telle Degradation: for Flute and Alto Saxophone. July 2011

88) Five Variants on ‘Amazing Grace’: for Solo Ukulele (low G tuning). August 2011

89) A.R.S: for Tenor Saxophone and Piano. November 2011

90) Nuages sur la Mer: Jazz Chart. January 2012

91) Wanderlust: for Solo Ukulele (low G tuning). March 2012

92) Power Cycle: for cajon and computer. March 2012

93) Sleep Deprivation: Electro-Acoustic. April 2012

94) Tinnitus Study: Electro-Acoustic. May 2012

95) Allusions and Evocations: for vibraphone, percussion, and computer. August 2012

96) There Will Come Soft Rains: Electro-Acoustic. September 2012

97) Zen Mycology: Electro-Acoustic. September 2012

98) Three Arabesques: for alto saxophone and piano. February 2013

99) 5/4 Mantra: Jazz Chart. March 2013

100) Observations: Electro-Acoustic. May 2013

101) Returning: Jazz Chart. May 2013

102) Solipsistic Side-Step: Jazz Chart. May 2013

103) Slightly Off the Axis: Jazz Chart. May 2013

104) Recursion (for S): for bass clarinet and computer. December 2013

105) Visually Sound: Interactive Sculpture. April 2014

106) Mood Changes: Suite for Mediterranean Fusion Ensemble. May 2014

107) Toolbox: Electro-Acoustic. May 2014

108) This Too Shall Pass: Electro-Acoustic. June 2014

109) Elegy for Violin, Viola, and Computer. July 2014

110) Reflections in a Gasoline Rainbow: Electro-Acoustic. October 2014

111) Un Coup de Dés for Narrator and Computer with Live Multi-Media Processing: Electro-Acoustic. May 2015

112) Isomorphic Haiku: Electro-Acoustic. June 2015

113) Mind the Gaps: Electro-Acoustic. September 2015

114) Separation Anxiety:  Electro-Acoustic. September 2015

115) Exploring the Remains of a Giant: Electro-Acoustic. December 2015

116) Mechanical Landscapes: for strings, percussion, piano, and computer. April 2016

116) Concrete Oasis: Electro-Acoustic. September 2015-August 2016

117) Three Preludes for Un-Specified Instrument and Computer. July-December 2016

118) Through the Haze, Stars: Electro-Acoustic. January 2017

119) Study After Hokusai: for clarinet and viola. January-June 2017.

120) Flow State: for guitar and cello. June 2017