This is a really late post. I actually completed the code is September, but have been slightly overwhelmed with work, teaching, performing, and haven’t posted it yet. So here it goes…

After digging deep into how MaxMSP handles NRPN’s, I’ve created a set of patches that use NRPN messages, and collections of tunnings from Sevish’s Scale Workshop to retune and relight the Linnstrument to play in 2-24EDO scales. There is a VST and a ReWire version in there. I’d love to do a Max4Live device, but it’s not possible as Ableton strips channel information from MIDI messages, which this requires.

Anyway, here’s a demo video.

And here’s the Max patches in a zip file. Be aware that you will have to power cycle the Linnstrument after returning to normal mode (fully unplug it from the computer and replug it). As always, absolutely no warranty is provided.

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