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Solo Albums


My first solo electro-acoustic album, generously supported by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing’s Chris Clark Fellowship Program. A sonic imagining of the rise and fall of a city in Rust Belt America with additional electro-acoustic works.

Available as a digital download for $10 at the following sites: Amazon, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify

Liner notes are available here.

Solo album number two, a collection of works for analog synthesizer and computer created between 2017 and 2020.

Available as a digital download for $5 at: Bandcamp



A collection of works inspired by the Attention K-Mart  Shoppers digital ephemera collection at, featuring my piece Exploring the Remains of a Giant.

Available as a name your price digital download at: Bandcamp


The inimitable saxophonist Jeffrey Loeffert’s solo album, featuring my Prelude for Unspecified Instrument

Available as a digital download for $10 at: Bandcamp


A collection of works by SEAMUS members in celebration of John Cage’s 100th Birthday, featuring my Tinnitus Study.

No longer in print

The debut album of Violet (clarinetist Elizabeth Crawford and violist Katrin Meidell), featuring my piece Study After Hokusai, written specifically for them. 

Available at: Albany RecordsAmazon, Apple Music, Spotify

With Wisaal

 The third and final album from the Mediterranean fusion band. Recorded live in the final concert on April 25, 2015, the album includes nine new tracks (including three by your’s truly), as well as one old favorite.

Available at: Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify

The critically acclaimed Mediterranean fusion band’s sophomore release.

Available as a digital download for $10 at the following sites: Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify

Liner notes are available here.


Wisaal’s debut EP – out of print.