I’ve recently been working on a pretty involved coding project focused on analysis/comparison of contours of ordered pitch intervals in Pd and Processing (via OSC). Pretty heady stuff, with a ton of Googling in the [vain] hopes that there’s already an object to do what I need to do with lists. Since there usually isn’t, I’ve been writing a lot of externals and then going crazy trying to get them to work.

Having never attempted anything of this scale before, I feel a little like I’m playing whack-a-mole with the different modules. But – and it’s a big but – it’s also kind of fun.

As I’ve been looking at new ways to handle the major issue [TIMING!] that’s been driving me to partial insanity, I’ve also been having fun tweaking/improving the little bits that don’t-quite-but-sort-of-do work (just not as well as they COULD!). I’ve also noticed that I’ve been sketching down a LOT of compositional ideas as well (though that could be due to having bought a new notebook…). But it raises a bit of a question.

Is my recent creative output stemming from an innate desire to procrastinate when faced with a problem I can’t immediately solve, or a drive brought on by exploring the blank screen of code rather than the empty piece of staff paper – and subsequently trying to fill either with something meaningful?

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