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  • well… the 1st track proved interesting & inspired me-2-attempt contact b4 the end of this year \ are there physical copies available? [yep, i’m old-schüle & have a wall of CDs & a half-wall of LPs; fetishism? certainly…] \ we’re surviving ‘well’ in these absurd timez b’cuz neither of us have-2-work & both daughters R doing well [have jobs & partnerz (& our g’son)] \ oh well, hope yer existence feels empowered & life’s oddball pitches haven’t thrown your equilibrium outta whack \ all them holidaze B 4thcoming so, have good 1s!____jke____||

    • Hey, John! No, unfortunately I’ve gone the all digital route this time, but you could download the wav files and burn ’em. I submitted it as all uncompressed 44.1kHz 24bit files. This was a bit of a surprise in that I finally had time to upload it… I’ve had everything compiled since October, but kept getting sucked down with grading/random online teaching related emergencies. Other than that, things are going ok. Glad that you’re doing well too!

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